Benefice of West Barnsley

Baptism (children and adult)

Baptism (Christening)

Anybody of any age may be baptised in our churches and a vicar cannot refuse baptism to anyone living in the parish.   We welcome all those seeking baptism, and if someone living outside the parish wishes to be baptised in our churches they simply need to make an application, but should also, out of courtesy, inform the vicar of their home parish that the baptism is taking place elsewhere.

Baptisms may take place either during the main Sunday morning service, or separately at another time, should mornings be difficult for families or guests.   The clergy person conducting the baptism will usually visit to go through the service and meet the family. When children are baptised the church usually keeps in touch with parents to let them know when special services, such as “Messy Church” are taking place.

For adults we would encourage you to join a study or new confirmation group to help you with your Christian journey.   Please just speak to the vicar for details.



For enquiries about Baptisms (Christenings) our Benefice wide Baptism Coordinator is:-

Baptism Co-ordinator, Lynn Wilkinson on  07876 750983 or email:

overall contact details

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